First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church

This is a brief summary of our church history for the past ninety-seven years. One
year before Oklahoma became a state, on March 11, 1906, our church had its small
beginning in the old South Methodist Church building with Rev. C. W. Morrison in
charge. The membership consisted of seven women. These soldiers of the cross
have passed on to glory, but this history would not be complete without their
names being listed: Mrs. N. R. Brasted, Mrs. Earl Cole, Mrs. L. A. Boory, Mrs. Dora
Fields, Mrs. Beebe, Mrs. R. T. Brown and Mrs. Morris. When time has ceased on
earth and all God's children are gathered home, there will be a multitude of souls
gathered around these seven women and the old preacher with thankful hearts for
their vision and faith to organize the First Baptist Church of Carnegie, Oklahoma.

The following are pastors who have served at our church: C. W. Morrison, W. T.
Gray, N. E. Mitchell, J. M. Wileman, N. C. Danner, T. P. Womack, S. L. Buckley, W. S.
Miller, R. J. Morgan, George Hutto, R. K. McGregor, John M. Burrows, Garland
Howard, J. T. Howard, Clyde N. Price, Frank Elkins, W. F. Crow, J. B. Shinn, N. N.
Antonson, James C. Weston, Bill Dickover, Lester McNair, Gerald A. Peters, Joe
Knowles, and currently Arthur Blount.

Our present staff consists of: Dr. Arthur Blount, Pastor (14 years Min. of
Music/Youth, 11 years pastor), Rev. Tom Davis, Associate Pastor/children's Min.,
Mark Groutas, Minister of Youth, Gloria Sage Dyer, Secretary (21 years) and Joe
Bointy, Custodian. Terri JOhnson and Becky Maddox have served faithfully as our
Pianist and Organist for over 20 years.

Since the early 1950's, our church has had a part-time or full-time Minister of
Education, Youth and/or Music. Those ministers include Claude Gossett, Gene
Wright, John McGuckin, Woody Southerland, Dave Wilch, Truman Gregston, Tony
Ward, Bruce Cobler, Arthur Blount, Chris Fields, and Mark Groutas. Much of the
growth of First Baptist Church is a result of our youth programs.

The First Baptist Church, Carnegie, is active in the Caddo Baptist Association, the
Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and the Southern Baptist convention,
supporting home and foreign missions through the Cooperative Program. First
Baptist Church has had Sunday School, BYPU, Training Union, Discipleship Training,
WMU Brotherhood, YWA, GA's, RA's, Mission Friends, Life Classes and other
educational programs.

The physical plant of First Baptist Church, Carnegie, consists of the
Sanctuary/Worship Center built in 1940, dedicated, debt-free in 1941, and
renovated in 1992; the Educational Wing at the back of the Worship Center built in
1950; the Educational Building on the East of the Worship Center and the
parsonage built 1966/67; the Curd Building bought in 1971 and updated for
educational space in 1975; a Falls Creek cabin built in 1972; a bus garage bought in
1999; the Family Life Center built in 2000 and the property across the street West
of the Worship Center bought in 2001 in anticipation of building a
Youth/Multipurpose Building.

This information was compiled by Mrs. Liz Dillard Top Back